When Should I Contact an Attorney About a Workers’ Comp Accident?

While the decision is essentially up to you and you alone whether or not you ultimately retain an accident attorney in New York, there are quite a few things that you should be aware of. At the Accident Help Zone, we strive to provide you with all of the resources you need when dealing with any type of accident, injury, or workplace illness and we know that when you’re in an accident, you’re likely going to question whether or not you should hire an injury lawyer, so we’ve put together this little guide to help you make the decision.

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Workplace Safety Hazards: Look For These Red Flags

Your health and safety have to always be kept in mind, no matter what your job duties entail. While of course, the overall workplace safety is the responsibility of your employer, you should always be observant. Don’t only pay attention to your surroundings and coworkers, keep your eyes peeled for other signs that safety could possibly be an issue.

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Filing for Workers’ Comp in 2020? Here’s What You Need To Know

In New York, if you suffer a work-related injury or illness, you can file for workers’ compensation to pay for your medical care and part of your lost wages while you’re off work. If you’re unable to fully recover, workers’ comp will also pay you permanent disability benefits or if you need to be trained for a completely new line of work it will pay for vocational rehab as well.

However, when you’re injured at work or you’re suffering from a work-related illness, there are several steps you must take to ensure that you receive your full benefits and you protect your rights. The Accident Help Zone is New York’s #1 accident and injury resource center and we want to make certain that you have the knowledge and tools to help you through the process.

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Life After the Accident: How to Get Back on Track After a Workers’ Comp Injury

When you’re the victim of a workplace accident, there’s typically so many emotions and thoughts running their course through you that it can be hard to adjust and cope with this unexpected life change. While of course, everyone thinks you should solely focus on recovery, the fact is that there are a lot of small, and not-so-small, repercussions of workplace injuries.

While the amount of time it takes each individual to get back on track is going to vary from person to person, depending on multiple factors. And of course each case is going to have their own unique aspects that either add to or detract from your overall experience with the unfortunate event, but there are steps you can take to help alleviate the negative impacts on your life.

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