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How a Pain Management Doctor Can Help You After a Whiplash Injury

Car accidents can throw your life into turmoil. Even a minor fender bender can result in expensive car repairs and painful injuries. If you were in a crash and now suffer from whiplash, you might benefit from treatments provided by pain management doctors. Whether your injury is mild, severe, or somewhere in-between, seeing pain management […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation Laws in New York [New For 2022]

Workers’ compensation insurance provides cash benefits and/or medical care for workers in New York that are injured or become ill as a direct result of their job. Employers pay for this insurance and aren’t allowed to require employee to contribute to the cost of compensation. Any weekly cash benefits or medical care that you receive are paid by your employer’s insurance carrier, as directed by the Workers’ Compensation Board. As a state agency, the Workers’ Compensation Board processes the claims and if it is necessary for the Board to intervene in the matter, it will determine whether the insurer will reimburse you with cash benefits and/or medical care, and the amounts that you will receive.

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Why You Should See a Neurologist After a Car Accident

Car crashes are capable of causing a variety of injuries. Many car accident injuries impact the nervous system, and without proper treatment, such injuries can become more severe over time. Neurological disorders caused by motor vehicle accidents vary in severity, but they all can make the quality of your life worse. If you sustained a […]

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A Guide to Neck Pain Treatment After a Car Accident

According to information provided by the Association for Safe International Road Travel, up to 4.4 million people sustain non-fatal injuries in car accidents in the United States every year, resulting in more than $380 million in medical costs. Most commonly, non-fatal injuries occur in the form of neck or back pain. People who suffer these […]

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