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5 Common Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

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Even in perfect driving conditions, car accidents are a common occurrence. The causes of these crashes vary and include distractions, speeding, alcohol use, and reckless driving. Injuries from accidents, even minor ones, are common. There are certain injuries that happen more frequently than others, and it is important to seek treatment as quickly as possible. Search for an auto accident injury doctor in New York if you notice any symptoms after a crash.

1. Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissues include muscles, ligaments, tendons, and spinal discs. Injuries to these tissues are very common after a car accident, and whiplash is the most prevalent. Whiplash occurs when the head is violently flung forward and backward, causing damage to the soft tissues in the neck. It is also common to have a lower back sprain/strain after a crash. Some symptoms of a soft tissue injury include:

  • Soreness or pain
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Headache
  • Tingling in extremities

2. Head Injuries

A car accident can cause head injuries in a number of ways. The head can physically hit an object, such as the steering wheel or windshield. Any sort of impact can also cause the brain to jostle around in the skull, causing damage to the neural tissues.

Traumatic brain injuries are common after a car accident, and they vary from mild to severe. Mild injury, such as a concussion, may result in confusion, headache, and a brief loss of consciousness. A severe injury often results in a longer loss of consciousness, loss of coordination, and other serious symptoms and may cause permanent injury.

3. Bruises and Cuts

Not only can a vehicle occupant hit the interior surfaces of the car in a crash, but there may also be items in the vehicle that are thrown around, which can cause a variety of issues. Bruises are quite common, whether from hitting the door or window or from the pressure of the seatbelt on your chest. Cuts may also occur, such as from broken glass or a puncture wound. These are often less severe injuries unless a cut is deep and produces a lot of blood.

4. Leg and Arm Injuries

When a vehicle sustains impact from either another vehicle or another stationary object, your body often takes the brunt of the force. Extremities are especially vulnerable. For example, your knees may hit the dash, your foot may slam against the pedals, or you may put your arms out in front of you as a protective gesture. Common injuries to legs and arms include bruises, cuts, sprains, strains, and fractures. 

5. Psychological injuries

Not all car accident injuries are physical. A common injury that affects almost 40% of accident victims is post-traumatic stress disorder. Being in a car accident can be a very traumatic experience, and it can cause victims to be anxious, depressed, or stressed. Some symptoms of PTSD include:

  • Avoidance of driving or riding in a vehicle
  • Nightmares or detailed memories of the accident
  • Changes in emotional moods
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Negative feelings and mood

Although it is natural to have emotions and confusion after a crash, these feelings should not be long-term. Seek help if your emotional symptoms get more severe or they last longer than a couple of weeks. 

Seek Help for Injuries from a Car Accident

No matter what type of injury you have sustained from a crash, it is important to seek the proper treatment. Search for an auto accident injury doctor in New Jersey or New York, as they have experience working with crash victims. Whether you need a chiropractor, a medical doctor, a neurologist, or another healthcare professional, the team at Accident Help Zone will help you find the right doctor in your area.