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Work-Related Injury

No matter what the reason is for the injury, you have rights! If you’ve been hurt while on the job and you’re considering filing a workers compensation claim in New York, you need to protect yourself and your rights. Let us help you understand exactly what your case may entail.

Faulty Equipment or Safety Hazards

If you’re workplace injury was caused by unsafe working conditions or malfunctioning equipment, you need to call us today. Under New York law, employees have protections and specific rights when it comes to your safety. Don’t assume that the company will ‘take care of you.’ The Accident Help Zone is your resource for immediately finding out about your rights and getting help with your unique workers compensation claim.

On the Job Accidents

Traffic in New York is notoriously bad and unfortunately, accidents happen. Whether you’re in a company vehicle or using your own for company business, if you’re in an auto accident while ‘on the clock’ and you suffer injuries, you need to know your rights. The ‘other guy’s’ insurance company is going to be looking out for their client and your company’s insurance is going to do the same – except their client is the company and not you! Make sure your rights are protected too!

Workers’ Compensation Basics

There are several things that you should do if you’re ever injured on the job, and some things to gather before your first consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney.


  • A summary of the accident and the date/location of the injury
  • Photos of injuries
  • Copy of written notice to your employer about your injury
  • Supervisor’s name and contact info that the injury was reported to
  • Copy of any accident reports for the injury
  • Witness names and contact information
  • All medical records related to the injury, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Dates, phone/fax and locations of all treating Doctors
  • Copies of all medical bills received for all related treatments
  • Employment records showing your date of hire, position and duties
  • Most recent pay stubs
  • Bank statements
  • Any emails or letters between yourself and your employer regarding the accident or your injuries


Getting these documents and materials together for your consultation can greatly assist your Workers’ Compensation Attorney in determining the various aspects of your case. As well as help expedite the process – which is always a good thing.

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 Our experts specialize in the workers’ compensation laws of New York and we know exactly what it takes to ensure that you get what you deserve.

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