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Car Accident Doctors - FAQ

Car Accident Doctors - FAQs

Car Accident Doctor in New York

Everyone knows that car crashes can be dangerous and painful. Here are some common injuries that might occur: broken bones, neck and back pain, whiplash, soft tissue injuries, the splintering of limbs, knee injuries, damage to internal organs, and traumatic brain injuries. In case of an unfortunate motor vehicle accident, seek medical attention immediately from an experienced car accident doctor. Find top-rated car accident doctors in New York and New Jersey in the resources available on the Accident Help Zone.

If you’re involved in a car accident, you want to ensure that you’re taking the right steps in the aftermath of an accident. These steps can range from the obvious to the important.

  • Contact the Police: It’s best to report the accident to the police, even if you have no idea where the accident occurred. The police will complete a police report and file a traffic incident report in almost all cases. This can often make or break a case.
  • Get Witness Statements: You’ll want to collect as much information from witnesses as possible. It’s essential to do this as quickly as possible, as the witnesses will likely forget a lot of vital details over time.
  • Seek Medical Attention: It’s important that you treat your injuries with respect and get medical attention as soon as possible. Find top-rated car accident doctors in New York and New Jersey in our directory.

After an auto accident, you may need to go to the Emergency Room and see an ER physician to rule out serious injuries. Don’t wait too long; you should also see an experienced car accident doctor. A skilled auto injury physician can diagnose the traumatic conditions a primary care physician might not notice. Find experienced accident doctors in New York and New Jersey on the Accident Help Zone website. Specialists listed in our directory include neurologists, orthopedists, pain management doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and more.

You should get medical attention as soon as possible if you’ve been involved in a car accident. Seeking immediate medical attention ensures quick diagnosis and the proper treatment. Visiting a doctor at the earliest after an accident also helps with your insurance claims. Accident Help Zone offers a free directory of doctors specializing in treating accident-related injuries in New York and New Jersey.

New York and New Jersey are no-fault states. Your no-fault insurance should cover the medical expenses after a car accident. Typical auto insurance policies cover at least $50,000 in “no-fault insurance” to pay medical bills and lost wages. 

The Accident Help Zone lists experienced car accident doctors who accept no-fault insurance in New York and New Jersey.

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