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The Top New York State Workers’ Compensation FAQ

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Will I get compensated for pain and suffering through Workers’ Comp New York?

While benefits don’t provide compensation for pain and suffering, you may be eligible for benefits if the pain from a physical injury leads to the development of a mental disorder.

My employer offered me light-duty work, do I have to return to work?

If your employer offers duties that accommodate your limitations and do not cause further injury, you may actually lose some benefits if you refuse to return. This is why it is in your best interest to count on those that specialize in the workers’ compensation laws of New York.

Can my employer terminate my employment for filing a compensation claim in New York?

No! They cannot base your termination on the filing of a claim. However, there is no law protecting your job while you are off work and your employer can decide to replace you.

If I was injured after my employer ignored unsafe working conditions, do I have any additional recourse?

It is very possible but you will definitely want to protect yourself and ensure that you rely on the experts at Accident Help Zone to help guide you through to the best possible solution for you and your recovery.

What happens if I fail to report my injury to my employer?

You can lose your rights to all benefits. If you are injured or suffer from a job-related illness, you should protect yourself and inform your employer as soon as feasible.

Will I be compensated for permanent scars from my injury?

In most cases yes, you will receive compensation. However, failing to properly document the injury and/or scarring can drastically affect what you are entitled to.

Am I entitled to workers’ compensation benefits from the first day I miss work?

No. No compensation is awarded for the first 7 days of disability, however, injuries or illness that results in disability of more than 14 days result in compensation being retroactive from the date of the disability.

I don’t live in New York, but I was injured on a job there. Am I still covered?

Yes, regardless of residency status your employer is required to provide coverage.

How do I know if my employer has Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

All for-profit employers, as well as the majority of not-for-profit employers, must carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all of their employees regardless of residency status. If you work in New York, then you are generally covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Do you sell Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

No, the Accident Help Zone helps you learn exactly what you should know and what you should do from the moment that you are injured on the job, until the day that you are able to return back to work.