Repetitive Motion Injuries on the Job

A repetitive motion injury is sustained by doing a specific repetitive motion for prolonged periods of time. Though such an injury may seem at first to not be a big deal, continued repetition of the movement can prevent your body from ever healing properly, which can lead to lasting pain that never fully goes away. Here’s what you need to know about repetitive motion injuries on the job, how to prevent them, and what to do if you think you may have one.

If you’ve ever awakened with a sore shoulder, stiff neck, or pain in your arm or leg, you know that it can be a little more difficult to go about your day with a nagging body ache. Now imagine that your neck, shoulder, arm, or leg continues to bother you day after day, week after week and that the pain affects your ability to perform the tasks necessary for your job. This is what a repetitive motion injury feels like. People who suffer from repetitive motion injuries can become discouraged or even depressed due to the sometimes intolerable pain that is caused by the movements they do over and over. A repetitive motion injury can affect far more than a person’s on-the-job performance- pain resulting from a repetitive motion injury can have a significant impact on a sufferer’s quality of life.

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Life After the Accident: How to Get Back on Track After a Workers’ Comp Injury

When you’re the victim of a workplace accident, there’s typically so many emotions and thoughts running their course through you that it can be hard to adjust and cope with this unexpected life change. While of course, everyone thinks you should solely focus on recovery, the fact is that there are a lot of small, and not-so-small, repercussions of workplace injuries.

While the amount of time it takes each individual to get back on track is going to vary from person to person, depending on multiple factors. And of course each case is going to have their own unique aspects that either add to or detract from your overall experience with the unfortunate event, but there are steps you can take to help alleviate the negative impacts on your life.

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What Qualifies as an On The Job Injury [2020]

While visions of steelworkers impaled by sharp metal or even office workers suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome generally fill our heads when we hear the term “on the job injury,” the fact is that not all workplace injuries happen in an actual workplace. If you suffer an injury and you’re on the clock, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation no matter if you’re physically in the workplace or not at the time of the accident or injury. Continue reading to find out what qualifies as an on the job injury in New York.

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New York Worker’s Compensation: Get What You Deserve

When you’ve been injured on the job it can be enticing to accept an early settlement offer from your employer or their insurance provider. While a sizable and expedient payout to cover your medical care and wages lost due to time off because of your injuries may sound appealing, it’s important that you know the drawbacks to settling your New York worker’s compensation case.

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