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Common Types of Back Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

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Back injuries are the most common of injuries that people experience after being involved in a car accident. When a sudden collision occurs, the back will likely take on the majority of the force and pressure from the impact. No matter how minor the car accident may seem, acquiring a back injury is much more likely than you may think. As always, it is always vital to seek experienced, professional medical attention after being in an accident.

Here are 5 of the most common types of back injuries that passengers may be vulnerable to during a car accident: 

Soft tissue injury

Soft tissue injuries occur when muscles, ligaments, or tendons in the back are sprained, strained, or torn. These types of injuries are extremely common for those who have been involved in car accidents due to the sudden and forceful trauma caused by the collision. While soft tissue injuries can occur in various parts of the body, people who have endured an auto accident commonly will notice the symptoms in their back. Soft tissue injuries in the back can cause significant pain to victims with common symptoms including swelling, bruising, and even loss of function. People who suffer from soft tissue injury will also discover that their normal range of motion is significantly lessened. 

Herniated disc

Because car accidents are so sudden and typically cause a good amount of force, it is easy for supportive discs in the spine to become misaligned, cracked, or ruptured. When this happens, the nerves located in the spinal cord region succumb to an intense amount of pressure. This pressure can lead to serious pain, numbness, or weakness in the back. 


The vertebrae in the body’s spine can become easily fractured from any sort of sudden impacts, such as in a car accident. When the spine becomes fractured, victims will usually feel moderate to severe pain that will likely worsen over time. If the injury is bad enough, patients may also experience tingling, numbness, or weakness in the back and possible loss of bladder and/or bowel function. It’s important to seek medical attention following a car accident to avoid these types of worsening symptoms. 


Whiplash is another common injury for those who have been in auto accidents. When a collision happens, the passengers will likely move back and forth in an abrupt, forceful motion that causes the neck to extend past its normal range of motion. While whiplash is known to cause trauma to neck tissue, victims commonly experience pain and tenderness in their upper back and shoulders.

Spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries are one of the most serious injuries people can succumb to after being involved in an accident on the road. The spinal cord is made up of a number of nerves, tissue, and vertebrae that run down your back and are connected to your brain, forming your central nervous system. It is one of the most important bodily structures, and if it becomes injured, victims could experience pain in a handful of places. When a collision happens, it is possible that your spinal cord could become bruised or severely damaged from the intense amount of pressure. A few common symptoms that are associated with spinal cord injury include muscle spasms, muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, numbness or tingling, and a pinching sensation. 

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