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Determining Fault for Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

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Typical Slip and Fall Accidents on the Job

How do you decide who’s at fault for a slip and fall accidents at work? There are several reasons someone can have an accident at their workplace. Read more to learn about the different types and situations involving slip and fall accidents at your workplace.  No matter how efficient the housekeeping and everyone tidies up their workspace, it can be inevitable that a workplace accident occurs. However, it’s up to you and everyone else’s responsibility to keep you and your co-worker’s safety in mind at all times. You might wonder: what are some typical slip and fall accidents that happen at work?

Stormy Weather

Let’s go over the common workplace accidents that occur outside the workplace. The weather can become a hazard for places outside of your work. It can cause havoc to you and your co-workers. It’s always a good thing to remain alert when it’s raining, sleeting, snowing or any other severe weather that can cause a workplace accident to occur.

Most of the time maintenance will put salt and scrape away the snow on the sidewalks and other walkways leading to your workplace. However, it’s nearly impossible to catch every little spot of ice or slippery snow pile. Your employer should have a mat to stomp away from the snow and rain, but not everyone will do this. Therefore, it’s essential to walk carefully as you enter and exit your work. There could be other co-workers near you who could fall as well if you are not careful.

The weather can also hide those pesky little potholes that line the parking lot of your workplace. Rain could make the pothole look flat and non-existent. Watch out for those potholes by paying attention when you walk in and out of your workplace. Having reliable and sturdy boots on those rainy or wintery days can always help you.

The weather also affects the floors conditions inside the workplace environment. It can be just as bad inside as outside no matter how clean the floor was at the beginning of someone’s shift. One person can track in muddy or snowy trails left by their boots. Always watch out for little water puddles in hallways of your work, because one little clip can cause you to run into your co-worker. You don’t want to break you co-worker’s hip or leg if the tumble becomes serious. This could include falling down a flight of stairs or tripping over a small mess in the hallway.

Workplace injuries can happen by a simple slip from a pile of melted snow. Keep your co-workers safe by wearing the proper boots, watching where you walk, and slowing your pace when you are walking on a lot of puddles in the hallways.

Common Workplace Hazards

Of course, coffee spills, clutter near your work area, or other damages to the floor can cause any types of accidents to happen. Be cautious everywhere you walk, because you never know when someone might have left a spilled drink or pile of loose staples.
However, the weather isn’t the only culprit in slip and fall accidents at your workplace. Not having enough lighting can also create workplace accidents. Although most people can use their smartphone flashlights to see the way, this isn’t always the case. You might have left your phone at your desk or in your car. Report to someone who can fix the situation, because you never know how badly you could get hurt when you aren’t able to see correctly in your work area.

Already Been in a Workplace Accident?

Have you been in a workplace accident? There are several ways a person can get into a workplace accident. Housekeeping mistakes, a clumsy person, or someone bumps into you. Whatever the cause, you might have to resort to lawsuits if the third party doesn’t pay for your medical expenses.

No matter what small injury you have during your workplace accident, you should always report it to your employer. This way, if you need workman’s compensation later on when you experience pain, your expenses are covered. Remember to always seek medical attention immediately, if you think something could be wrong. This way you will have further proof that the accident caused the sprain or broken ankle.

If your employer neglected the safety of their employees, then your lawyer might have a case if they continue to put you and your other co-worker’s safety at risk. Your employers are bound by law to keep safety measures up to proper standards to keep everyone safe.

Whether it’s a third party’s fault or a fellow-coworker, you should be able to get workman’s compensation. However, if it is a third party, you might be able to make a lawsuit against them if you have caused.