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Everything You Need to Know About Slip & Fall Accidents at Work

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Accidents Do Happen

Workplace accidents happen whether you are careful or not. It’s always important to stay informed about workplace accidents and prevention. Some workplace injuries are inevitable, but there are ways to prevent them from happening. Read on to learn more about workplace accidents and the things you can do to prevent them.

Slips and Fall Accidents at Work

Sometimes workplace accidents happen such as slips and fall accidents. What are some types of slips and fall accidents that occur? One type of slip accident is when a co-worker or random passerby in the office drops coffee all over the floor. Someone might forget to tell the maintenance crew of this spilled accident. This could cause someone to slip and dance all over the floor until a workplace injury occurs.

It’s inevitable that carpet or tiled floors at your workplace will be in top shape forever. Therefore, some accidents occur at work when someone trips over some crack in the floor. Other accidents could be from a pesky nail sticking through the tiles.

You should also be beware of the winter weather. Many co-workers can’t help track in wet snow from their shoes. No matter how good the mats are in front of your workplace, there’s always a wet, sticky floor. So, be careful when you first walk inside your workplace. Try to walk slowly and carefully. You could always think of getting a good pair of boots that will help prevent you from slipping on the wet floors. Even a little puddle of water can send someone sliding across the floor.

What are the Potential Trouble Areas?

Believe it or not, there are ways to prevent a slip or fall at work. You might be wondering: what are some things you can do to prevent these kinds of accidents from occurring? When it comes to wet floors from coffee spills or wet snow, you can walk slowly across the floor instead. Just like anywhere, it’s always important to watch where you step. You wouldn’t want to slide in a puddle of coffee when you could have seen it easily if you had watched where you walked.

Some accidents occur when you bump into someone as well. This could cause more injuries if there’s more than one person involved. Therefore, it’s a logical option to take wide turns when you are heading into another hallway. This will help prevent bumping into someone or something. Doing something simple like this will help you and your co-workers’ safety.

There are ways to prevent people from tripping at work. It usually involves cleanliness and organization. Why is this? People can trip over items left out in the workplace. This can cause accidents in the workplace, so keep your work area as clean and organized as possible. Nobody wants to trip over a misplaced cord or lunch bag.

Always be careful when it comes to walking in areas of your workplaces that are too dark for your eyesight. Try to use the flashlight on your phone as a guide through places that don’t have sufficient light. If this keeps happening, you could always say something to your superior about the light problems. They don’t want anyone on their watch to get injured either.

One other thing that most of us have a habit of doing: carrying too many items. We tend to get carried away or stubborn when it comes to carrying in a load of items into the workplace. We are probably all guilty of this, but try to make sure you are able to see the path you’re walking is clear. Many injuries occur due to this oversight. Always be careful, because you could always end up injuring someone else as well. Safety is always important!

What To Do in a Workplace Accident?

You should always report your workplace accident. Especially, in cases where your injury develops into something more serious. For example, you could end up slipping in a puddle of water leaking from the ceiling and hit your head on the tiled floor. You might think you’re fine and think you have a simple headache. No big deal, so you don’t report it. Then, later you could have a bad concussion or headaches that won’t go away.

Who’s going to pay all those medical bills when you visit the hospital? Not reporting the injury could mean no workman’s compensation. This means your chances of worker’s comp paying for your bills are no good. You’ll be the one throwing your money away paying for the bills instead of Worker’s Compensation.

Remember, always be careful where you walk inside the workplace. Not everyone cleans up their spilled messes, so it’s important you remain aware. Do you want to be reliable for medical bills when you have an accident at work? No, you don’t! So, every time you get a scrap, twist an ankle on a puddle of coffee, or trip over something, you want to report it. You can visit the client site to learn more information on job injuries or illnesses. Stay informed and keep safe!