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How to Protect Yourself From a Fall Accident at Work

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Protect Yourself

Have you suffered a fall accident at your workplace? Or do you want to stay informed if such an occurrence happens to you? Don’t linger in the dark any longer! This article will discuss how to protect yourself in a fall accident at your workplace. There are several ways to prevent a fall accident at your workplace with a few tips. Read on to learn more about the various ways you can protect yourself from harm at your workplace.

How Do Fall Accidents Happen at Work?

There are several reasons a fall accident might occur in a workplace environment. One reason a fall accident might happen is when there are wet or oily floors. If someone spilled their latte all over the floor and doesn’t wipe it up, then another co-worker could end up sliding and falling. Another reason the floor might be wet is from the weather. A rainy or snowy day could create wet, slippery floors. Always be aware of little puddles of water on the tiled floors of your workplace. Even a little bit of water can make you fall.

Another reason for a fall accident in the workplace to happen is due to the arrangement of a rug. Everyone who has ever owned a rug knows that the ends sometimes get upturned or bunched together. However, everyone in the workplace should fix the rug or mat that they turn over. If everyone doesn’t follow such a safety rule, always watch out for upturned rugs.

Finally, a couple of other reasons why a person might fall at work is due to stubbornness. Sometimes we end up thinking we can carry a bunch of items into our workplace without any accidents. However, usually, there are times where nothing seems to go right. So, you end up not being able to see where you are walking and ending up tripping over a stair or rug. So, don’t be stubborn and unsafe by trying to carry everything in at once. Carry as much as you can, while being able to see where there is a clear path. You’ll help your own safety as well as your co-workers.

Protective Equipment

Shoes are one protective equipment that is great for protecting you from various types of fall accidents. Most falls are caused by spills or something on the ground that makes a person slide and fall. Having proper footwear is essential to workplace safety for you and your co-workers. There are a few types of shoes that can help prevent fall accidents occurring in the workplace, such as:

  • Hard rubber soles: Helps your footing be more secure in greasy, wood, or concrete surfaces.
  • Soft rubber soles: Soft rubber soles are good for dry surfaces in the workplace.
  • Crepe soles: It’s best to wear crepe soles when you are working on rough concrete as well as dry or wet surfaces. These are very beneficial if you work in an area where you are outside a lot.
  • Neoprene soles: These types of soles are good on most wet or dry surfaces.

These are good footwear alternatives to regular tennis shoes or high heels. Some workers think they are safe for the workplace. However, always take your safety and others in consideration when entering the workplace with the wrong type of shoes.

Also, always use a stepladder, if you are reaching high up to get a stack of files. Using proper equipment at work when reaching high areas is always a safe alternative. Don’t try to use another item that won’t be safe like a loose table or rolling chair. Always use proper work equipment for your safety.

How To Prevent Workplace Accidents?

While accidents occur all the time, there are some ways to prevent these workplace accidents from happening. You might be wondering: can you prevent a workplace accident at work from happening? Sure you can!

One major thing everyone in the workplace can do is to clean up after themselves when they spill water or soda all over the floor. If you ignore your mess, someone will end up slipping in it and falling down. Therefore, make sure you and everyone you work with don’t leave messes out for someone to accidentally slip in.

Secondly, you and your co-workers can work together to stop leaving personal or business items in walking areas. It’s essential for every workplace to be clean and organized to prevent any kind of workplace injury. You wouldn’t want your co-worker to trip over your travel mug or briefcase. So, be aware and keep your workplace safe.

Another way to prevent a workplace accident is wearing the proper shoes. You don’t want to go to work and slide in a pile of wet snow due to improper footwear. So, be mindful of wearing the kind of shoes that will help prevent a fall from happening at your workplace. You never know when you’ll end up walking in a puddle of coffee.

Lastly, one good way to prevent a workplace injury is to use a stepladder when you have to reach high up places. If you think it’s a good idea to use a rolling office chair, then think again. Don’t get creative and use any other office item either. Be safe and careful with a stepladder. Reaching for a piece of paper on a high shelf is not worth the potential health risks a fall like that can incur.

Suffering an Accident at Work

If the worst has happened and a workplace injury has occurred to you, what should you do? Always start by reporting the workplace accident to qualify for Worker’s Compensation. This is essential to all workplace accidents.

Do you know why? If an accident occurs at work and you report it, then you are eligible for workman’s compensation. However, if you do not report it, then you are out of luck. This will result in you being solely responsible for any medical bills that you may need.

Remember, you should always watch out for wet floors and upended rugs. You don’t want to fall and injure yourself when it could easily be avoided. Workers should also wear proper footwear to reduce the chances of a fall at your workplace. If you suffer a little bump on a head due to slippery floors, always report it at work. You never know what a little bump could mean a few days later. Those medical bills should be paid by workman’s comp, not you. You can visit the client site if you have suffered a fall in your workplace and want to learn more.