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The Five Steps to Car Accident Recovery

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Recovering from a car accident isn’t just about healing broken bones or fixing your bumper. Car accident recovery can be very complex and with the number of car accidents in New York City, it can be a hassle. Find out the five steps that will ensure a complete recovery after a car accident and how to use the Accident Help Zone as a helpful resource if you get stuck along the way. 

Seek Medical Attention Immediately 

Whether you think it was a simple fender bender or if you had to be removed by ambulance, seek out your independent healthcare diagnosis for car accident treatment in New York. Common injuries from car accidents can leave lasting damages if left untreated. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries  

TBIs happen when your brain or the surrounding fluid has been injured. Most often, in car accidents, your body is traveling at a certain speed and collides with another force. The brain is dually impacted when it hits the skull, and whatever force impacts the vehicle. The treatment can be lifelong or include a short recovery depending on the extent of the damage and how long it was left untreated.

Broken Bones 

Broken bones and fractures are a prevalent result of car accidents. Broken bones happen when an outside force impacts the body at a different, faster speed, and the rate of the impact that stops your body is enough to break or fracture bones. If diagnosed and set correctly, many broken bones can heal well in a short time. If left untreated, both fractures and breaks can cause additional damage. 


Whiplash occurs even in very mild auto accidents. It is the result of the impact on the muscles and tendons in your neck and head. The muscles and tendons will whip back and forth very quickly, causing strain and sometimes the snapping of tendons. Whiplash can also cause pinched nerves that radiate pain in the neck and back areas that will only worsen if left undiagnosed.

Back Injuries 

Back injuries are widespread in auto accidents. Because of the nature of the impact and the placement of the body in conjunction with the seatbelt, back injuries are almost a sure bet. Your spine can be damaged in many different ways ranging from mild to very severe. Your spine can be strained, have bulging or herniated discs, be fractured, or be compressed. Spine injuries affect almost all other body areas and can often limit walking and other forms of mobility. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

Physical injuries that you can see on X-rays aren’t the only damages that car accidents can cause. Many people suffer from the lasting effects of the mental anguish of car accidents, and PTSD can be a life-affecting disorder if left undiagnosed and untreated. Accident Help Zone also features psychiatric and psychological search features for doctors in the New York area to meet all of your diverse needs for recovery. 

Options For Primary Care Doctor

The options aren’t as limited as they used to be, and you also have a say in how to recover from a car accident. Talk to the auto injury doctor about different options for treatment and the pros and cons. 

  • Chiropractic care
  • Physical therapy 
  • Pain management
  • Acupuncture 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Therapy 
  • Surgical Options 
  • Massage 


Create Long-Term Care Plans 

After you are treated for your diagnosis, be sure to follow up with your provider to see if you should file for a long-term treatment plan. Many injuries that come from car accident injuries cause long-term damages to the body. Some of these damages may not be noticeable until a few years after your initial treatment has ended. You may still be eligible for the treatment depending on the nature of your injury. Many people benefit from long-term care plans.

Physical Therapy in New York City

Physical therapy is a field of healthcare in which the primary purpose is to increase your range of motion while decreasing your pain. Exercises, applications, tools, and practices are tailored to your unique circumstances and injuries to ensure that your recovery will continue to evolve. Ongoing physical therapy is essential to continue to increase independence and maintain complete mobility. Following a car accident, you may require continuous physical therapy for the remainder of your life. 

Therapy in New York City

Mental and emotional therapy can help mitigate the negative responses that you may be experiencing from your car accident. Seeking ongoing support and guidance from a licensed therapist can help you restore the life you had before the accident wherein you lived without fear or anger or whatever emotions you are working to control during your sessions. Mental health is good health, and seeking professional therapy is a long-term investment in your wellbeing. 

Chiropractic in New York City

Chiropractic care is based on expert knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. Through massage and adjustments of the back and spine, chiropractors can manipulate the spine to increase mobility and mitigate damages from your auto accident. Benefits from chiropractic care include replacing disks into proper alignment, decompressing the spinal column, and removing compression from nerves which helps to eliminate pain. Long-term chiropractic care is a form of non-medical pain control. 

Document and Save Everything 

For your carrier to approve treatment, you must document everything. Using an experienced no-fault doctor, like the ones you will find listed on Accident Help Zone, can help streamline this process. They already know which no-fault documentation you need, and they will help guide you through the system.

Accident Help Zone

However, even though someone is helping guide you through the process, and you have resources like the Accident Help Zone, you should become familiar with your carrier’s requirements and be sure that you, too, know all of the required documentation. Nothing makes an injury worse than finding out that you may have to pay for it when you thought it was covered. 

Seek Assistance When Necessary 

Occasionally, hiccups happen, and problems arise. No one likes to think about it, but luckily Accident Help Line has anyway. You can use the site to find the specialty no-fault doctors you need for your specific injuries and browse through and search the blog. The blog covers topics from legal assistance to compensation guides to coverage questions. 

Call The Experts in New York City

You can contact us at the Accident Help Zone online or by calling +1(888)412-848 to find out more about how to recover fully from your car accident starting right now.