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When Should I Contact an Attorney About a Workers’ Comp Accident?

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The Decision is Always Yours

While the decision is essentially up to you and you alone whether or not you ultimately retain an accident attorney in New York, there are quite a few things that you should be aware of. At the Accident Help Zone, we strive to provide you with all of the resources you need when dealing with any type of accident, injury, or workplace illness and we know that when you’re in an accident, you’re likely going to question whether or not you should hire an injury lawyer, so we’ve put together this little guide to help you make the decision.

A Few Basics

Generally speaking, if you’re not injured at all and other friends/family members in the incident are okay as well, you probably aren’t going to need an accident attorney. However, even if you don’t initially “feel” injured you shouldn’t rule out the possibility entirely. It’s extremely important to evaluate the degree of the accident and use your best judgment while remembering that soft-tissue and other injuries can take several hours or even days to actually reveal themselves. A simple minor low-speed fender-bender where the likelihood is fairly remote that anyone is injured can generally be handled appropriately through the insurance companies, but accidents any more serious than that should receive a little more consideration.

Your First Priority Is Your Health

No matter if it’s a “simple” jammed finger, bruised knee, or a slight headache – if you’re experiencing any sort of pain after an accident you need to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. A minor headache can be an indication of a much more serious injury and the pain of a bruise can mask underlying conditions. In these cases, especially in this day and age, it’s always better safe than sorry.

It is also very advisable that you seek medical attention sooner rather than later. Leaving the scene of an accident without plans of visiting a doctor can give the other party(s), and their insurance company, that you were not actually injured in the accident and something else happened after the fact. Or that you simply spoke with a friend, loved one, or attorney that advised you that you’re probably injured and should be evaluated. Even when your injuries are obvious it is the insurance company’s job to attempt to “lowball” any settlement and any leverage that they can possibly use in their favor will definitely be utilized.

If you experience significant time off work, school, or are unable to perform normal daily duties such as household cleaning or even driving, you should probably consider contacting an attorney. Of course, permanent injuries can have an adverse effect on your overall health and the medical bills alone can quickly grow into insurmountable debt, but the long term issues caused by your inability to work or complete school can be long-reaching and all-encompassing.

Being a “nice guy” or not wanting to “deal with” the insurance companies are definitely not stances you should take at this point. Having an experienced accident attorney will not only ensure that your medical expenses are covered and your healthcare is the foremost consideration for any sort of settlement, but they will also protect your rights and keep you informed every step of the way.

Do Not Pass Go!

There are multiple instances where you shouldn’t even stop to question whether or not you should contact an accident attorney in New York. If you experience any of the following, you should contact an attorney as quickly as possible.

  • Serious injury such as broken bones or injuries that result in hospitalization
  • There was a death as a result of the accident
  • Pedestrians were involved
  • The police report isn’t accurate or incorrectly attributes fault to you
  • The accident was in a construction zone
  • You have low liability coverage
  • Your insurance coverage had lapsed, you didn’t have insurance, or your provider indicates you are not covered for any reason
  • Your insurer stops returning calls or otherwise not acting in a manner you would expect
  • Your insurance company’s attorney becomes involved in the case
  • Extenuating medical, legal, or technical issues are present

Other Times You May Want To Consult With An Attorney

While we provide a lot of valuable resources here at the Accident Help Zone, there are instances where you may want to go ahead and contact a New York accident attorney.

Here are a few of those situations:

  • You want advice on possible settlement value
  • The cause or fault of the accident is in question
  • You’re unsure if other coverage may be useful in this case
  • Confusion over the terms of your insurance policy
  • You desire assistance with negotiating with an insurer
  • You feel that your insurance company may be acting in bad faith
  • You’re not sure of your rights
  • You need help reviewing forms/paperwork
  • You’re feeling “pressured” to settle
  • The offered settlement doesn’t seem fair

Start At The Accident Help Zone

Any time you are injured or involved in an accident, New York residents should utilize the #1 resource center — Accident Help Zone. We’ve spent countless hours gathering and publishing all of the information and resources you need when facing these issues.

While ultimately you may be served best by retaining a professional accident attorney, we have the expert advocates who have done the research to help answer your work accident and injury questions and address your concerns.