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Why You Should See a Neurologist After a Car Accident

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Car crashes are capable of causing a variety of injuries. Many car accident injuries impact the nervous system, and without proper treatment, such injuries can become more severe over time. Neurological disorders caused by motor vehicle accidents vary in severity, but they all can make the quality of your life worse. If you sustained a neurological injury in a car accident, you might be tempted to put medical care on hold while you focus on other things related to the crash – you should avoid doing this at all costs. If you are ready to receive appropriate treatment for your injuries, the following information will tell you why you should see a neurologist after a car accident.

What Does a Neurologist Do?

Most people consider neurologists to be doctors who only treat diseases, injuries, and disorders related to the head and brain. This is true to some degree, but in reality, neurologists treat diseases, injuries, and disorders of the entire nervous system, including the spine and every other nerve imaginable. The human body has nerves running from the brain and spinal cord to every single area of the body, including the toes and fingertips, and all of these nerves can be damaged in a car accident. The right neurologist can help identify the early stages of a car accident injury that has impacted the nerves and begin treating it aggressively before it has a chance to get any worse.

What Symptoms and Injuries Does a Neurologist Treat?

Symptoms of neurological problems can take many forms, but some symptoms are often indicative of serious medical issues. After an accident, you should pay close attention if you notice any of these symptoms present themselves. Such symptoms include frequent headaches or migraines and weakness, numbness, or tingling in an extremity. The previously mentioned symptoms can range from extremely mild to extremely severe, and often, they can change over time. It is not uncommon for symptoms to be worse on some days than others. Fortunately, a neurologist can treat such symptoms and find out if they indicate more serious medical problems.

If you sustain a neurological injury in an automobile accident, you may be tempted to leave your care entirely up to a general practitioner. Doing so can be a serious mistake, especially since many untreated neurological injuries have the potential to cause chronic pain and transform into other degenerative ailments over time. Contrary to what you may think, your symptoms won’t just leave over time. Neurologists can help treat the following common car accident injuries:

  • Neck or back fractures caused by whiplash
  • Cerebral concussions and contusions
  • Soft tissue injuries to the neck or spine as a result of whiplash

The previous list is not complete, but car accidents frequently cause the injuries listed. Whiplash is a common auto accident injury, but it must be taken seriously and treated as soon as possible, especially since its symptoms don’t always present immediately after an accident.

A Treatment Plan That Meets Your Needs

The right neurologist will take the time to craft a treatment plan that meets your needs. Physicians should never take a one-size-fits-all approach to neurological injuries, primarily because everyone’s body and injuries are different. The plan your neurologist creates for you may include other medical professionals as well. It is not uncommon for neurologists to recommend their patients visit a physical therapist or pain management specialist as part of their treatment.

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