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Category: Workers’ Compensation

How d I Rehab a Knee Injury
Personal Injury

How to Rehab a Knee Injury

If you have a knee injury, you might feel like the joint will never correctly function again. However, you can rehab your knee injury to

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workers compensation accident injuries for older adults
Worker's Compensation Injury

Boomers And Workplace Accidents

Boomers And Workplace Accidents Older adults born between 1946 and 1964 are also known as the Baby Boomer generation. They are famous for being hardworking

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new york workers compensation claim form sitting on a desk
Workers' Compensation

Is Workers’ Compensation Taxable?

Virtually all workers in the state of New York are covered by New York’s Workers’ Compensation statute (WCL § 1, et seq). Coverage under the statute is not optional—if you are an employee, you are covered, with only a very limited number of exceptions.

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