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Do You Have to Report a Minor Car Accident to the Police?

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While driving in New York City, did you suddenly get into a car accident? If you did, you might have to file an automobile collision report in New York according to the laws of the state. You must file a report of any motor vehicle crash with the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (NY DMV) if one of the following had occurred:

1) The collision led to at most $1,001 worth of property damage or
2) An individual is hurt or killed.

Also, you must file an automobile collision report with the DMV within ten days following the collision, or the DMV can suspend your driver’s license. It is imperative to recognize the automobile collision reporting criteria according to New York law before you get in an automobile crash.

Outline of Reporting an Automobile Collision in New York

State Statutes: New York Vehicle and Traffic Code § 605
When to Report: If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision that happened in New York, you must report it to the DMV if the following scenarios occur:

• At least $1,001 of property damage
• Anybody was hurt or killed

How to File an Automobile Collision Report in New York

To file an auto accident report with the DMV in New York, you, your insurance agent, or your lawyer must fill out Form MV-104. To complete this form, you will need to amass or provide the following details:

• When and where the collision took place
• The name, address, and birthdate of both drivers
• The driver’s license information of both drivers, which includes the state where the license was issued and the license number
• The license plate number and state of both drivers
• The name and address of every policyholder and the name of their insurance
• The name and address of every registered vehicle owner of vehicles involved in the crash
• A description of the damage to any vehicles

Exceptions to Automobile Collision Reporting Criteria in New York

If the collision led to only at most $1,000 worth of property damage, the drivers are then required to trade information, such as driver’s license, automobile insurance, and registration. This means that in this instance, automobile collision reporting is unnecessary. Also, if a parked automobile, other property, or domestic animal is hurt, you must find the owner and call the local police. However, it is unnecessary to file a car accident report in New York in these cases.

Escaping a Collision Scene if Someone Dies or is Hurt

If the collision leads to death or injury, New York law then demands that the police be informed. Furthermore, all the participants in the car crash, and the police must file reports with the DMV. It is also illegal, according to New York law, to depart from a collision scene that brings about personal injury or death.

Obtain Professional Legal Assistance Filing a New York Automobile Collision Report

If you have any questions regarding reporting your collision to the DMV or additional requirements for filing an automobile collision report in New York, states have specific criteria that if overlooked, can cause you even more grief. Cover all your bases, get in touch with a New York personal injury attorney as soon as possible.