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How to Find a Neurologist after an Auto Accident Injury in NY?

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Neurology is an area of medical specialization that focuses specifically on the treatment or study of disorders related to the nervous system. The human nervous system coordinates all bodily activities and is divided into two major areas: central and peripheral. The central nervous system involves the seemingly endless functions of the spinal cord and brain. The peripheral nervous system involves “neural” elements like the skin, ears, and the eyes along with sensory receptors.

Because of this, a neurologist can treat issues related to a workers’ compensation injury or auto accident injury in New York. They do not perform surgical treatments, however, as that is the work of a neurosurgeon, though the neurologist may refer a patient living with pain to a neurosurgeon.

As an example, someone who has sustained a head injury may find themselves working with a neurologist on a referral from a primary physician. The trauma sustained may be the source of chronic headache, dizziness, vertigo, and so on. Additionally, someone who has suffered a back injury at their place of employment (or as part of their daily work), may also be treated by a neurologist in New York to help with their care.

How to Find Neurologist Specializing in Treating Accident Injuries

One thing to remain aware of as you seek help after an accident or work, or an auto accident in New York, is that your doctor of neurology should be trained in the latest treatments, modalities, and technologies. They should be certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc. (ABPN) and also be authorized by the NYS Workers Compensation Board.

Selecting a provider without certification prevents the patient from getting their lost wages or receiving ongoing treatment after returning to work. Typically, your physician will do a referral, and the neurologist can then work as a referred provider able to coordinate and diagnose in partnership with your healthcare providers.

They can then correctly diagnose the issue, document the injuries, run the right diagnostic evaluations, and prove that the injury exists. They can then provide all of the appropriate documentation needed, whether it is for workers’ compensation or compensation due after an injury.

No-fault insurance covers medical bills after a car accident injury, while workers’ comp insurance covers medical expenses after a work-related injury.

Consulting with Neurologist a Car Accident Injury

How does the neurologist in New York accurately diagnose and treat in accordance with the proper no-fault and workers’ compensation medical treatment guidelines? They are going to assess the medical history (yours and your family), mental status, coordination, sensation level, reflexes, strength, vision/speech and more. They may also find it necessary to run blood and urine tests as well as any number of imaging and diagnostics. Patients can facilitate the process by itemizing any medication regimens, allergies, and familial history of neurological diseases, and jotting down any questions about their condition or care of their worker’s compensation or auto accident injury in New York. This guarantees everyone is on the same page and care proceeds quickly and effectively.

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